The Gate way to the Gods: Stands on the right bank of of the Ganges at the foot of Shivaliks mountains Known as Mayapuri in the ancient days and has been a sacred place since time immemorial.

Haridwar is one of the four pilgrimage centres where KUMBH is held at every twelveth yearAs per the mythological belief millions of Hindu take holy dip in the sacred river Ganga, seeking emancipation from the worldly sins.

Kumbh is perhaps as old as Amrit-Kalasha was receovered from samudramanthan (Churning of ocean) for which a tense war between Devatas(God) and Asuras (Demons) indeed eminent! to prevent the Amritkalasha being taken in possession by the powerfull Asura,s its safety was entrusted to Devta Brashpati, Surya , Chandra, Shani,The four Devata,s ranaway with Amrit Kalasha to hide it from Ausra,s, learning the conspiracy of Devata,s furious asura,s chased the four Devata,s which lasted twelve days and night around the earth during the chase , Devata,s put the Amrita kalasha at Haridwar, Ujjain, Nasik, Prayag ( Allahbad) to commemorate the holy event .

As per the other puranic legends the fight took place between the Devatas and Asuras resulting the Amrita- Kalasha being broken out of which Amrita (necter) drops fell down at the above four sites.

The Astrological dates of KUMBHA at Haridwar falls when venus and Jupiter coincide with Aquariuus and sun , moon are on the aeries and Sagittarius, respectively.

Har-Ki–Pauri One of the most sacred bathing ghat and Bramha Kund. It is said that the necter drops fell at this place when the necter pitcher was being carried by Jayant (Lord Indra's son). Kumbha and Ardha-Kumbha is held every 12 and 6 year respectively here.

Raja Sweta performed tapa here and received blessings from Lord Bramha hence the kund is known as Bramha Kund.The charan (foot marks) of Lord Vishnu imprinted on a stone into the upper wall of pauri , forms an object of special reverence ,the holy water from the pool below is carried off all over india for use on solemn occasions.

The arti of the flood lit ghats of the Ganga when charged with emotions the air resounds with music and chants with floating Dia ( Lamps) is indeed a delightfull scene every day after sunset.