The dense foilage along the path prevents ones from seeing around but nature has provided open space here and there, down wards for connoisseurs to admire the virgin beauty of the clearly visible valleys upto ukhimath , soon the tree line is crossed and it is all like a big slanting ground , the vision enjoys perfect freedom , There is more to see than what eyes angle of view can afford, the beauty of “Bugyal” the high altitude meadow is unsurpassable. Towards the north, the grassland slopes down to birch thickest, where the shy natured Monal is chirping loudly and carelessly.

The monument is a fine peace of anceint architecture, the strong built and powerfull looks of the temple , made with stone , symbolize the power and anger of Lord Shiva, the idol of vyas and kalbhairav and along the shivling inside the temple , the other four kedar are beutyfully engraved om silver plate, facing the small, low height gate of the temples , sits nandi – the divine bull the vehicle of Lord Shiva , two small temples, dedicated to Parvati and Kalbhairav embellish the small courtyard, on a flat rock possible to have an idea before starting the construction.

Another 2 km trek ascends behind the temple through the meadows to Chandrashilla peak at 4090 metres, with the glorious mountains scenery..

Altitude: 3680 Metres