This is a town chokefull of temples, It is a SHIVA town SHIVA is presiding diety and is worshipped morning, Noon and Night, in the ancient temple of Lord Vishwanath, The evening song evokes an atmoshphere of beauty in the religion as the music of chanting bells mingles with the chants of the priests, within the court yard and directly opposite to temple is the Shakti Temple dedicated to the Goddess of energy, projecting a massive brass trident which, according to an inscription in sanskrit engraved on it reveals that the temple of Vishwanath built by King Gyaneshwar, whose son, Guh a great warrior, had the trident forged. it is 8 metre high with a base measuring 2.74 metres and a top measuring almost a metre in circumference.

Kuteki devi temple situated on Hari parbat, on the banks of Bhagirathi, Kuteki Devi is the main deity of Kot gram Khai in Uttarkashi. Legend says that Kuteki devi is a form of Durga. This temple was built by the daughter of maharaja of Kota and her husband, exactly on the spot where they have discovered three stones with a heavenly aroma, as guided by the devi in their dreams.

A place nearby uttarkashi called Ujali, here lived over 500 sadhus and sanyasis, some are scholars of repute. Thousands pilgrims passing through on their way to the Yatra, add to the prosperity of the town and sustains the economics of the district, where hills are deeply forested, and the terraces are fully cultivated.

Altitude: 1158 Metres

Nehru Insititute of Mountaineering: This institute in uttarkashi today stands as india's and Asia's premier institute and one of the finest of its kind in the world was formed on the 14th November 1965.